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Online Therapy

It has become increasingly important to be able to access therapeutic and wellbeing interventions through virtual engagements. We are committed to making this process easy for those seeking to work on their mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Importance of Therapy

The number of people who are now seeking therapy has grown tremendously in the past decade in India. As an organisation invested in mental health and emotional wellbeing resources being easily available for people, we receive a few calls for referrals every week. As a result of the lack of information on trusted professionals, we have on our data base trusted professionals who sign up to our code of ethics and professional values, and who provide therapy sessions online. They also opt to have professional peer-group supervision with other therapists in order to be listed in the data base.

You may contact therapists located nationally and internationally through our connection service as the sessions are virtual. We have a host of different therapeutic modalities that we have on our data base. We charge a one-time administration fee to work on this connect, and the fees for different therapists is variable. We then connect you directly to the therapist we assess as being best suited for your needs based on what you have shared with us.

Our therapists use a range of modalities from wellbeing coaching to somatic and body-work, from psychotherapists who work with trauma to spiritually informed healers with professional qualifications. There are many esoteric forms of healing that abound in India and elsewhere. It is important to enter these healing relationships with the assurance of a set of ethical practices guiding the intervention. In India this whole segment is not particularly well regulated and we take our endeavor seriously to ensure that our therapists are qualified, experienced and ethical practitioners. All our therapists have been vetted, with at least two client testimonials, and they have committed to the principles of therapeutic engagement as well as ethical commitments required by The Centre of ME.

Should you choose to use this service, please do note that the final duty of care and the decision to work in the therapy session lies with you and the therapist and The Centre of ME is not involved beyond the referral and connection arrangement. This is important in ensuring the independence of your working relationship.

We will however, be happy to speak with you about how to best engage with therapeutic support so get in touch with us by using the register your interest link, and one of us will contact you for further information and liaison.

Therapeutic, wellbeing or healing intervention for an Individual

Individuals may find themselves in need of emotional support and therapeutic input for a variety of reasons involving emotional and mental wellbeing. At times a physical diagnosis may also trigger the need for a journey of self-reflection. At other times, transitional points in life may encourage individuals to look deeper and to look within.

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Therapeutic, wellbeing or healing intervention for a Couple

Leaving a relationship is a decision that is sometimes as difficult as staying in the relationship that one wishes to leave. Timely input may be invaluable as it often allows a couple to investigate their entrapments and enables better communication even if the decision is to leave the relationship, or a healing and reconnection in order to continue to grow together in the relationship.

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Therapeutic, wellbeing or healing intervention for Children

Children are often susceptible to the circumstances that a family might find itself coping with. Supporting children to explore their emotions appropriately and through different forms of therapy such as music, play and art, can all have a containing and healing effect on the child.

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Therapeutic, wellbeing or healing intervention for a Family

Systemic interventions such as family work can create the right kind of impact in bringing structural changes in families that lead to better relationships in the family and can also enable diverse aspects of the family to co-exist. When a family seeks to invest in the patterns of relationship as a whole, the possibilities of change are immensely valuable.

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